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Having a bad hair day or get the cut you didn't want?

bad hair day
Come in and check out the beautiful different styles of wigs we carry. We have lace front, monofilament and traditional caps. They are multi tone colors to create beautiful natural luster to every style. Get caught in the rain without your umbrella, no worries, the rain will not hurt the Synthetic fiber and you can let dry, shake and go. Totally easy and natural looking
Do you have those times when you and your hair dresser aren't on the same page and you get the wrong cut or color. Or the color you thought you would love, you decided was not the right choice. You can cover your hair with a wig in the style and color you were wanting and let your hair rest and grow out without doing damage to your natural hair trying to get it the right color. You can also choose a style to wear that you would never do to your own hair, example, you want short but don't want to cut your own hair, choose a short wig. Do the same if you are wanting long and do not have the patience to let your hair grow before you grab the scissors. I have long hair and wear a short wig and love it. 
You often hear wearing a wig will damage your own natural hair, won't let it grow etc. Not true, these are all open caps and let your hair and scalp breath. Plus you are not doing anything to your own hair other than washing and conditioning and letting your hair rest.
Our products are top quality. We've been in business since 1971.
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